How to quickly fix texts with messy formatting with Loio

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When you are drafting a legal document, you cannot avoid working with multiple sources and quoting many court decisions and laws. As a result, many legal professionals are stuck with first drafts filled with messy styles, copy+paste text, and chaotic fonts. Let’s take a look at how Loio allows you to re-order your document’s styling in under a minute.

Scan your document with the Styling tool

Start by launching Loio (install Loio if you haven’t already) in the Home section of your Microsoft Word taskbar with your draft document already open in Word. Then click the Scan button in the Styling tool of Loio and wait a few seconds for the add-in. Loio scans all fonts and spacing in your text and then displays all found styles as separate groups. You can see how many and which paragraphs are formatted according to each style group. Now, let’s fix them.

Edit or merge style groups

There are a few ways to re-shuffle your formatting in Loio. First, you can just edit parameters in a group tab. Look at the screenshot below. 


As you can see, Style 2 contains 3 paragraphs and is formatted in Helvetica Neue size 14 font. If you edit parameters of this style in the add-in screen, your document’s formatting will be updated. Look at the Style 2 below:


By editing style groups rather than styles of each paragraph in the document text, you can reshaped the formatting of text bits scattered across your draft.

Another way to approach express re-styling is with the merge tool of Styling. Each identified formatting style has a Merge button in the top left corner:


By merging style groups, you apply formatting of one style to the entire contents of another group. In a way, you may say that merging makes one formatting style in your document “swallow” another. 


Merging is especially useful if there’s a formatting style in your Microsoft Word document that you need to apply to more parts of the text. By merging this style with other groups, you will quickly line up the messy runaway formatting styles into a perfectly looking shape.

Loio is not limited with quick editing of document formatting, so feel free to check out other tools catered for legal professionals needs and read more about how to benefit from these instruments.

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