Loio is starting a blog!

loio start a blog

It is 2020. Tonnes of companies have their SEO-driven blogs that are poor quality, rarely read, and stick around just for the keywords. In this harsh digital environment, why did we decide to make our own blog?

Of course, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization — making your company more visible in Google searches basically) component is still here. We want our blog to drive more traffic and bring new people to check out our legal document review software. But there’s more to this story.

We envision Loio not just as software for optimized reviewing of legal documents — we see it as a tool that makes the work of legal professionals easier. And we want to continue moving further with our mission, assisting lawyers on every step of their professional life: in document management, in building a decent career, being productive, and enjoying a healthy work-life balance. We are still perfecting our product, but we want to be a part of these broader discussions of healthy productivity and overall well-being in the legal services industry. 

That’s why our blog is up and running. It is a perfect way to communicate product updates and teach readers how to benefit from our add-in, but it is also a safe space where we can deepen the discussion, share our insight, and promote values we believe in.

The blog has four categories of materials: 

  • Loio stories will consist of our add-in’s how-tos and stories from our customers;
  • Better work tips will include productivity hacks, teamwork efficiency tips, and other cool software tools that could boost your daily productivity and self-fulfillment;
  • Legal industry insights will broaden the discussion and include opinion pieces and ideas about how we can build a better legal work together;
  • News is, well, the news. All product updates from Loio, important announcements, and anything else about Loio that we’d like to share.

Get ready for good and helpful reads! 

If you would like to become a contributor and use our blog as a platform for spreading ideas — don’t be shy and let us know at info@loio.com.

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