Loio releases major updates: welcome Summary and Table of Contents features plus new interface design

Loio releases major updates: welcome Summary and Table of Contents features

Today is a big day for us. Loio is constantly growing, and we are happy to make it more valuable and efficient for lawyers and contract professionals!

In this update, we have transformed Highlights into Summary and turned Numbering into Table of Contents along with updating the design of the add-in’s interface. All this change is set to make Loio a better tool for contract reviews and reflect the needs of our users. To everybody who has been giving us feedback on Loio and sharing professional insights throughout the last couple of months — thank you!

So, what has been updated, exactly?

Let’s jump in and see.

What’s new?

We have totally changed our visual interface. We have made the design and fonts simpler and “cleaner” to help you focus on your tasks. What do you think about our new look?  

Then, Highlights and Numbering have been transformed into more powerful instruments. Now, they are called Summary and Table of Contents (ToC), and we have had some new handy features added to them.  

Meanwhile, the good old Styling remains the same for you to fix and polish document formatting quickly. We have received a lot of positive feedback from users who appreciate Styling for its simplicity, accuracy, and quickness. 

Any major change feels weird at the beginning, but don’t worry about getting confused! We have updated our Help Center with articles covering all the new tools and how to use them. We hope this will help you adapt to the changes seamlessly. If not, our support team is ready to answer any questions 24/7, so feel free to contact them.

Now, let’s see what exactly Summary and Table of Contents can do for you. 


Summary is a multifunctional instrument that can quickly find and mark all issues and the main data in your contracts. For your comfort, Summary groups all the scanning results in three information cards — Key Terms, Critical Issues, and Mild Issues

Their total numbers form your Contract Health Score (CHS) that shows how well-drafted your contract is. The higher the Score is, the fewer errors Loio has found in your document, and the other way round. CHS will update as you move on with your review and resolve the issues found by Loio.


Critical Issues and Mild Issues cards show high-risk errors that can harm your contract and less serious errors. Loio can find these types of issues in money amounts, dates, and references mentioned in your contract.  


In the Key Terms card, Loio highlights and sorts essential contract information details like money amounts, dates, definitions, references, places, parties, etc. All of them are grouped into the same-name categories to let you learn more about a specific type of information in your contract. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (ToC) is the more enhanced version of the former Numbering. ToC is set to help you navigate through contracts with more control and clarity. ToC lays out all parts of your contract in the right order, from Title to Annexes. 


We would also like Loio to soon help you manage clauses in your document. That’s why currently we are developing the Clause Analysis tool as a part of ToC. If you would like to be the first to learn about this update, press Notify me in the add-in’s Clause Analysis tab and we will let you know via email.

We hope that you will enjoy our new tools that will assist you in more efficient contract reviewing and drafting of high quality. This update could not have been possible without valuable feedback that we received from you, our dear users. Thank you so much for your input! 

Don’t give our word for it — just press Scan and check what the new Loio can do for your contracts! 

We would love to hear what you think about our new add-in — tell us in our Live Chat or social media accounts!

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