Top 10 pet peeves of legal pros

What irritates you the most as a legal pro? Here’s what your fellow specialists say about their biggest pet peeves on Reddit.

1. When someone sends me a scan of a printed document instead of a PDF of the original. — u/KY_Counsel/ Reddit

2. In some utility rate cases, I suspect folks print out their Word documents, fax them to themselves a couple times, then scan the result to a PDF rendering it completely unsearchable and impervious to OCR. — u/qrpc/ Reddit 

3. When someone sends me a document that is cobbled together from a bunch of other documents and all the formatting, font, and codes are absolutely … You add a space somewhere and suddenly you have 3 pages of blank space and half the document becomes bullets and numbers. — u/Nobodyville/ Reddit

4. Microsoft Word Autoformatting. — u/haley_joel_osteen/ Reddit

5. Receiving documents from my client late. — u/MindlessSession/ Reddit

6. When someone just adds tabs all over the place that don’t make sense. You don’t need 50 different tabs for a notary block. — u/jrc5053/  Reddit

7. My pet peeve is getting multi-page docs from other lawyers without page numbers. Drives me crazy!!!!  — u/MinniePearl/ Reddit

8. My biggest peeve is when I tell someone that something will take an hour and a half and they come back in 45 minutes to bother me for it. — u/paratactical/ Reddit

9. Ordering medical records. It’s a nightmare trying to gather records these days. I wish my boss would just hire an outside company to do it for us. — u/PatShatner/ Reddit

10. Our industry’s perverse hate for the Oxford Comma. We’re like the most important job to use it, and we don’t for some reason. — u/Iustis/ Reddit

Bonus (to wrap up on a high note):

I never have to transcribe. #blessed — u/Arturo_Vasquez_123 / Reddit

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

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