1. What happens when my free three-month trial expires?

    When your free trial expires, you will be offered to purchase a monthly Loio subscription. If you won't purchase the subscription, you will lose access to Loio's services.

    We do not collect your payment details before you decide to purchase a paid subscription. We also do not auto-upgrade your subscription to a paid plan when the free trial expires. The decision is fully yours here.

  2. Why can't I access Styling and Numbering features?

    Loio gives a 3-month free trial, but we decided to open all features only to verified users in order to build a secure and trustworthy community. Verifying an account is completely free, takes up to just a few clicks, and happens just once. We highly recommend you verify your account and try out Loio at full functionality.

  3. Can I collaborate with my colleagues in Loio?

    No, right now users can't interact or collaborate directly in Loio. We would love to make Loio a platform for collaborative document management in the future though. If you feel this is a worthy idea, please let us know in the feedback section or contact us in any other way that suits you.

  4. I want to ask a more specific question. How can I contact customer support?

    There are several ways you can get in touch with us. First, there's an Intercom chat in the add-in, which you can open by clicking the Menu (upper left corner) → Get help or Leave feedback (lower right corner) → Get help.

    You can also reach us at help@loio.com or via our social media accounts.

  5. Why does my default profile look like it belongs to a dog?

    Because dogs are amazing 🐶


  1. What is Proofreading?

    Proofreading uses a machine learning technique to scan your text and locate several categories of key information, including party terms & definitions, money, dates, places, people, placeholders, email addresses, phone numbers & bank card details.

  2. How to make the best of Proofreading?

    Use proofreading to double-check agreements or other documents heavy on detailed information. After Loio scans your text and finds all the elements, click on each element in the add-in screen to see it highlighted in your document.

  3. I need Proofreading to find additional types of elements in my docs. How should I ask for a feature update?

    We are improving Loio all the time and would love to hear feedback or requests from users. To leave feedback, you can either click Leave feedback (lower right corner) → Suggest a feature, or contact us via Intercom chat by clicking Menu (upper left corner) → Get help.

  4. Proofreading doesn't work right. Why?

    Loio is still in the early stages of operations, so there might be some bugs emerging from time to time. Please do report a bug when you see one by clicking Leave feedback (lower right corner) → Report a bug. We are always grateful for constructive feedback from our users!

  5. How can I undo changes that I accidentally made while working with Proofreading?

    Any action within Loio can be undone using a basic Ctrl+Z (or Cmnd+Z) shortcut.


  1. What is Styling?

    Styling scans the fonts and line heights that appear in your text and sorts your text into style groups, according to font type and size, the boldness of the text, and the spacing between the lines.

    You can edit each paragraph or entire style group in the add-in screen to see it transformed in text. You can also merge style groups to expand already appearing styling further in text.

  2. How to make the best of Styling?

    Use styling to get a clear overview of styling that appears in your document and to quickly re-style big chunks of text right in the add-in screen.

    We suggest creating style groups for each type of text — headers, subheaders, body, etc, — and then edit them and merge according to the format of your doc.

  3. How to use the Merge feature in Styling?

    Merging applies styling of one group to other paragraphs. This feature might be useful if you have many different stylings that you would like to unify into just a few style groups.

    First click Merge button on the style you would like to apply to other paragraphs. Next, choose which paragraph or group you would like to apply….

  4. How to edit the styling of a single specific paragraph?

    Click on the drop-down button in the upper right corner of a style group to reveal its contents. You can click on each paragraph within to locate it in text or click the Edit button on the paragraph to change its styling. After the paragraph's styling is updated, it will be automatically moved to the corresponding style group or create a new group on its own.

  5. I changed the styling of a group and it merged automatically with other groups. How can I undo it?

    Auto-merging happens when the edited paragraph matches the styling that already exists in your text. If you did not intend to unite the auto-merged paragraphs, you can undo your last editing step by clicking Ctrl+Z (or Cmnd+Z) keyboard shortcut.

  6. Why are some of the style groups highlighted in yellow?

    If there are several font types or sizes used in one sentence or paragraph, Loio is not able to detect a single style, highlighting such paragraphs in yellow.

  7. Is the Styling feature linked in any way to the Microsoft Word Styles?

    No, Loio's management of Styling is not tied to Styles in Microsoft Word.

  8. Can I save Style groups for later and apply them to other documents?

    No, right now you can't save Styles for later. If you would like us to add this feature, please let us now via Leave Feedback or through a chat.

  9. How can I undo changes that I accidentally made while working with Styling?

    Any action within Loio can be undone using a basic Ctrl+Z (or Cmnd+Z) keyboard shortcut.


  1. Is it secure to process confidential documents with Loio?

    Absolutely. Loio complies with all data protection regulations, including GDPR. Be sure that no third party will have access to the documents you process with Loio. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

  2. Does Loio collect my personal information?

    Yes, we collect your email and information that you specify in your profile. For more details on privacy, data collection, and management of your personal data, go to Menu → Privacy Settings.

  3. Is my Loio profile visible to other users?

    No, right now Loio users cannot see each other's profiles. If anything changes on that matter, we will let you know. You can still invite friends to try Loio by clicking Menu → Share Loio. This will copy the link to Loio's Microsoft Store listing to your clipboard, so you can just paste & send it to colleagues or friends.