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Know exactly what's in your docs with Highlights

Legal documents are densely packed with essential information, and it is incredibly easy to overlook a tiny yet important detail. Unfortunately, making a spelling mistake or accidentally typing the wrong date might have a far larger consequence for a lawyer than any other professional.

While there are multiple tools to double-check your grammar and spelling, what about making sure all the components of a legal agreement are accurate? Highlights tool serves as a guardian against mistakes in the most essential parts of legal documents.

Speed up your document review

Instead of re-reading the entire text to find all mentions of contract parties or guess-typing terms in the search panel of Microsoft Word, just press Scan in the Highlights tool of Loio.

Our machine learning tool scans the text and searches for elements essential to legal documents. Review them right in the add-in screen and click on each mention to see it in your document. Review legal documents faster and make sure your accuracy and precision are flawless

Keep key contract information at fingertips

Use contract highlights to instantly find and access information on:

Press Send with confidence

Highlights tool supercharges your double-checking routine and makes sure you know exactly what's in the documents you are submitting. No more stressful last-minute revisiting of your contract before sending out. Get through review faster and make sure you send accurate documentation that shines with excellence.

See how you can upgrade your daily paperwork routine with Highlights.

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