Review contracts faster with Highlights

Highlights use AI-powered analysis to find crucial information in the contracts and suggest legal writing improvements

Speed up your document review

Instead of going through the same kind of mistakes before submitting each contract, use Highlights to speed things up

Lawyers and law firms spend too much time proofreading pages of text for tiny corrections. Loio's Highlights tool finds key contract details like parties, dates, money amounts, and more.

Have all the essential information in your contracts marked up and checked and always be sure you got it all right before submitting the docs.

Improve your legal writing with editing suggestions from AI

To help you draft and deliver contracts with confidence, we developed Suggestions

Legal writing is a complicated craft built on multiple rules and recommendations. Use Suggestions to double-check the spelling of money amounts and dates and be sure your legal writing is clear and precise.

Experiencing issues
or having additional questions?

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