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Lists in legal documents, simplified

Legal professionals have a love-hate relationship with lists. On the one hand, lists shape all legal writing and give lawyers a clear structure to follow. On the other hand, lists are extremely fragile to work with. One overlooked typo can break apart an entire document's numbering system and make a lawyer review the whole thing to fix it. Loio's Numbering tool brings back the joy of neat lists into a lawyer's routine.

Automate numbering review and fixing

Numbering gives an overview of multilevel lists in your document and points out issues so that you don't have to. Instead of scrolling through pages and picking up all numbering and referencing with your eyes, just leave the job to Loio.

Review the numbering highlights right in the add-in screen, along with the issues reports. Loio spots even issues invisible to the human eye, like when your lists are not recognized and formatted as such by Word. Instead of going through every little problem, click Fix, and your numbering will get in order, lists by list.

Tie together lists and references

Effective use of cross-referencing depends on consistent legal document numbering. If you change your numbering along the document drafting process, you need to always make sure your references remain valid and in-line with the numbering updates. Loio brings light on every internal cross-reference in your text, letting you know where each reference hides and what point it refers to.

Numbering tool you can count on

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a team player in a law firm, having a tool for quick numbering analysis and editing is a solid speed boost. Instead of spending extra time on meticulous review or paying a proofreader, just use Loio's Numbering tool without leaving Microsoft Word workspace.

See how you can upgrade your daily paperwork routine with Numbering.

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