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Fix your first draft's messy styles

Poorly formatted first drafts are unavoidable. Any type of legal document at first looks like a chimera written in fonts of all types and sizes taken from numerous sources. At this stage, you are probably nearing the deadline and need to get your doc into a respectable look for a submission.

Of course, you can use the basic functionality of Microsoft Word Styles. But editing styles in Word involves a lot of manual click-n-tapping, which takes more time and energy. That's where Loio's Styling tool might be a game-changer.

Review text formatting in seconds

Styling recognizes all fonts and spacings in your text and displays them as separate groups. Instead of going from one paragraph to another to check the formatting of each text block, just unfold a style group and review every piece of writing across the entire text. If there are several fonts used within a single paragraph, Loio will mark this issue in yellow.

Re-style and shuffle formatting with ease

To restyle your document, just change group parameters in Loio and see your text updated in Word. For instance, if you've cited the same source several times across the text, you won't have to search for these citations separately in your document — just change the parameters of the style group they form together.

Shuffle paragraphs and styles with Merge and Move options. If you already have a style you need in your text, make sure you put all the other text pieces under the same formatting.

See how you can upgrade your daily paperwork routine with Styling.

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