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Why Loio?

Simple to start

There are no demo calls or waiting lists. To get started with Loio, you just need a few minutes to register an account and install the add-in to your Word. Then you can launch Loio and start your 1-month free trial with unlimited access to all tools.

Brings results from day 1

You don't need to invest a couple of weeks just to learn how to use Loio and see it perform. Loio is a small tool with a clear function: helping review and proofread legal documents. Turn on the add-in when you need it, scan the doc, fix issues, and go on with your other tasks. Its simplicity means you see how Loio helps from day 1.

AI-powered legal document review

Automate the manual re-reading of agreements with Loio's AI-driven Highlights. Be in full control over every editing decision, but have the power of machine learning analysis by your hand. Turn on Loio whenever you need an extra pair of eyes to check your document and suggest improvements.

Accessible tool adapted to your work

We believe great innovations should be simple to use and accessible to all. That's why we give everybody a 1-month free trial with access to all features and have made our paid plans affordable. On top of that, Loio is a Microsoft Word add-in tool, meaning that you don't need to change your work environment to boost your review with Loio.

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