Contract drafting and review software for law firms.

Streamline your reviews to provide better client service and build more profitable business.

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Here is why law firms love Loio

Accelerate contract reviews to focus on clients and new projects

Spend less on routine contract reviews. Focus on helping your clients succeed and bringing in new projects.

  • Get Loio to perform the things you always wanted Word to be able to do.
  • Run all types of agreements through AI-powered analytics to speed up your client service.
  • Enhance your firm's contract productivity to grow as a firm and as a business.
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Minimize risks

Minimize risks and human errors in contracts. Eliminate costly mistakes in contracts using AI-powered scanning with issue reports. Make sure you always deliver high-quality documents ready for signing.

  • Spot critical issues in contracts like wrong dates or money statements.
  • Track your drafting quality with Contract Health Score to always have instant assessments of your documents.
  • Proofread agreements for small mistakes and typos like wrong formatting or duplicate definitions.
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Get instant data insights from your agreements

  • Get instant contract insights for high-level reviews and quick summary checks.
  • Track the quality of the contracts you produce with the dynamic Contract Health Score.
  • Navigate through contract structure to identify where exactly the weak spots of your contracts sit and how your firm can improve them.
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Easy to integrate, quick to bring results

No need to move your firm's work elsewhere. Loio is a plugin for Microsoft Word that helps where lawyers already work and bring clear, visible improvements to their workflow.

  • Start with 30 days for free with no commitments.
  • A caring 24/5 support team ready to answer any of your questions.
  • Easy-to-install Microsoft Word add-in. Turn on in Word when needed, turn off when you've got it.
  • Simple interface design and software logic that requires minimum learning and fits smoothly into standard contract reviews in MS Word.
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Joshua D. Brinen case study

I have reviewed 10,000+ documents with Loio’s help and expect to save $150,000 in operational costs per year.

Joshua D. Brinen

Owner at Brinen & Associates, LLC

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See how much you can save by streamlining contract reviews.

Time to review a contract

1 Hour200 Hours

Billable hour rate

15 USD1,000 USD

Documents reviewed per month

5 Documents1,000 Documents

Your total yearly saving


  • Yearly cost with Loio$1,440,000
  • Yearly cost without Loio$1,800,000

Turn contracts into a business asset

Simplify routine tasks, eliminate errors, and improve the overall quality of legal service

Start for free to see a better way to review contracts

Spot contract issues, fix messy formatting, and have a clear contract overview using just one plugin. Start for free today.

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