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A Shortcut To Flawless Legal Documents

Loio is a digital assistant for lawyers, paralegals, and everyone who works with legal documents.

  • No need to change your work environment. Loio works as a Microsoft Word Add-in.

  • Deliver tidier contracts in less time with an all-in-one legal software.

  • Enjoy a 30-day free trial with access to all tools. No payment details required for a quick start.


Supercharged contract review with Highlights

Contract parties, definitions, money amounts, bank accounts, places, contacts, dates, and other essential details are now highlighted and easily located.

Use Loio's AI-powered analysis to notice every bit of key information in the text.

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Tame messy styles and re-format documents at full speed

Edit and re-format each text paragraph directly in the add-in screen.

No matter how big and messy your text is, Loio will help you standardize your legal documents into formatting beauties.

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Put numbering and references in order

  • Review lists faster and quickly identify internal references in every clause.
  • Follow Loio's one-click fix suggestions for each list's numbering to speed up your work and get your docs into a perfect shape.
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The Team

Making legal technology accessible

Contracts are everywhere

They establish human collaboration and regulate our business lives more than ever before, yet working with contracts remains a huge source of stress and overtime.

So why not turn monotonous manual paperwork into a faster, smarter, XXI-century-er experience?

P1K Owners

We at Loio are part of

A software company that stood behind Unicheck, a widely recognized plagiarism checker for education facilities. It is while working on Unicheck that we realized there was an imbalance between the workload that legal documents demand and the tools accessible to those struggling to keep up.

Loio Assistance

After a raw internal demo of Loio became a huge success in Phase One Karma's legal department, we decided to roll up our sleeves and make Loio available to the public, simple to use, and focused on helping everybody who works with legal documents.

Loio Assistance

Join us and start succeeding with Loio, one doc at a time.

The easiest way to upgrade your day-to-day legal paperwork is just a few clicks away.

Enjoy a 30-day free trial with access to all tools. No payment details required for a quick start.

Treat security seriously

Providing lawyers with software tools is a big responsibility. Law firms deal with sensitive information every day, and
we do our best to ensure that Loio is safe for any document.
Read our Security Guide for an in-depth description of how we make Loio safe and secure.

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