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Loio is an AI-powered legal document analysis & editing tool for Microsoft Word

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Loio legal document software

Smarter work for sharper legal teams

Simplify and speed up tasks involving contract review. See how we can free up your legal team from routine work to focus more on clients and cases.

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  • Highlights

    Review with
    the second
    pair of eyes

    Keep key contract details at hand and deliver tidier contracts with AI-powered editing suggestions.

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  • Styling

    Fix broken formatting

    No more manual searching for rebel fonts. Give drafts with messy styles proper formatting in seconds.

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  • Numbering

    Numbering made simple

    Tame the fragile numbered lists with Loio to create stress-free contract layouts.

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  • Clause analytics

    Upgraded clause analytics

    Review contracts clearly and coherently, clause by clause. More details to come when this feature is up and running.

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Treat security seriously

Law firms deal with sensitive information every day, and we do our best to ensure that Loio is safe for any document. Read our Security guide to see how we make our product safe and secure.

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Loio contract review software

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  • What is legal document analysis software?

    Legal document analysis software allows law firms and lawyers to draft, review, and collaborate on legal documents faster and more accurately. It is built to speed up routine legal tasks and make legal work more comfortable.Legal document analysis software also mitigates risks since it identifies mistakes and issues in crucial legal documents like contracts or motions, minimizing the financial or reputational damages.

  • What is the best contract analysis software?

    Loio has been widely recognized as a powerful analytics tool for legal documents, including a mention by the G2 platform as a Top 3 Free Contract Analytics Software in 2021.

  • What is AI contract review software?

    AI contract review software uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze, review, and edit contracts in order to help lawyers work faster, more accurately, and comfortably.In contract review software, AI is able to 'understand' the structure and components of a contract and find issues, assisting lawyers in their contract tasks.

  • What features should legal document analysis software have?

    Modern legal document software needs to employ artificial intelligence to provide a smart analysis of legal documents and be adaptive to law firm's needs. It should also be able to understand and edit contract structure and formatting.Loio's Highlights use AI to find essential contract data and suggest improvements. Its Styling and Numbering features focus on reviewing and resolving issues with the document's formatting, lists, and references.

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