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A better way to draft and review contracts. Streamline your contracts with our automation plugin for Microsoft Word.

How contracts work with Loio

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Get instant contract insights. Keep key contract data in one place and a single click away. Have an extra set of eyes on the document at all times.

Easily navigate across your contract. View in detail all the found results after scanning. Have an organized document structure right at hand.

Make your contracts shine and look professional. Instantly fix messy formatting in contracts. Clean up and tailor outer text styles in a few clicks.

Joshua D. Brinen case study

I have reviewed 10,000+ documents with Loio’s help and expect to save $150,000 in operational costs per year.

Joshua D. Brinen

Owner at Brinen & Associates, LLC

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See how much you can save by streamlining contract reviews.

Time to review a contract

1 Hour200 Hours

Billable hour rate

15 USD1,000 USD

Documents reviewed per month

5 Documents1,000 Documents

Your total yearly saving


  • Yearly cost with Loio$1,440,000
  • Yearly cost without Loio$1,800,000

Turn contracts into a business asset

Simplify routine tasks, eliminate errors, and improve the overall quality of legal service

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Loio Awards


“Crozdesk names Loio a Legal Software
Product Leader in its Crozdesk Market Radar.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is legal document analysis software?

  • How to review contracts using AI-powered software?

    AI contract review software uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze, review, and edit contracts in order to help lawyers work faster, more accurately, and comfortably.

    In contract review software, AI is able to 'understand' the structure and components of a contract and find issues, assisting lawyers in their contract tasks. To do this in Loio, just press scan and Loio will analyze the open document and show you the results of the AI review.

  • How to analyze a contract with Loio?

    As you open a contract in Microsoft Word, open Loio as a side screen and press Scan to kick off the analysis. Loio will run the document through its AI-powered analytics and show you the results in three tabs.

    Loio will provide an overview of all issues and key terms. Also, it will display the document's structure, references and help fix the formatting issues. You can then look through the found issues and edit your contract, spending a lot less time on manual searching and re-reading the agreement.

  • What is the best contract review software?

    Loio has been widely recognized as a powerful analytics tool for legal documents, including a mention by the G2 platform as a Top 3 Free Contract Analytics Software in 2021.

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