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Loio is a digital assistant for lawyers, paralegals, and everyone who works with legal documents.

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Deliver tidier contracts in less time with an all-in-one legal software.

Loio works as Microsoft Word

No need to change your work environment. Loio works as Microsoft Word Add-in.

Free 3-month trial

Free 3-month trial with full features access. No payment details required for a quick start.

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The easiest way to upgrade your day-to-day legal paperwork is a few clicks away.

How Loio Works

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Proofreading gets faster and smarter

Contract parties, definitions, money amounts, bank accounts, places, contacts, dates, and other essential details are now highlighted and easily located. Use Loio's AI-powered analysis to notice every bit of key information in the text.

Automated styling with Loio legal software

No more manual highlighting-and-editing of each text component in your agreements. Loio scans your document, sorts out your text fonts and spacings into groups, and lets you manage them with minimum effort.

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Numbers and references — all in proper order

See through errors in your references and numbering. Follow Loio's quick-fix suggestions to speed up your work. Keep the contract structure at your fingertips and give it a perfect shape.

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Let Loio take it from here.

Trying something new usually takes time. With Loio, you will have a 3-month free trial to see whether you make a team together.