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Know what's in your contracts and track issues with Summary

Minimize risks

Reviewing contracts may feel like a robotic task but it takes a lot of human time and energy. With Summary, you get to analyze, understand, and edit contracts in a faster, more convenient way to be ready for more complex, human tasks.

Summary checks a contract for common drafting mistakes, finds key contract information and gives an instant assessment of the scanned contract's quality. Here is how you can utilize its tools to accelerate your drafting and reviews.

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Evaluate contracts' quality with Contract Health Score

CHS is calculated each time you scan your agreement with Loio and is based on the number of issues found by Loio — the fewer the issues and the lower their priority, the closer your CHS would be to 100 points.

Health score

Eliminate both high-risk contract errors and small typos with Issues

Critical Issues are high-risk drafting errors that Loio can spot. Make sure you avoid costly mistakes or just wrong information in your draft.

LOIO Add-In money issue

Money involve costly mistakes in drafted money amounts.

LOIO Add-In references issue

References detect missing cross-references in contracts.

LOIO Add-In dates issue

Dates issues include wrong or mismatched date indications.

LOIO Add-In definitions issue

Definitions spot mismatches in defined terms and definitions.

Proofread key data points in contracts with Key Terms

This tool collects important data found in the documents and allows the reviewer to browse through it without the need to scroll through pages.

  • Essentials cover the information related to the governing law, money amounts, dates, and places;
  • References include all the internal cross-references mentioned in your contract;
  • Definitions and Defined Terms find the defined words that are given a specific definition in your contract;
  • Contact Details highlight emails, phone numbers, addresses, and placeholders;
  • Parties mark organizations and people that are mentioned in your contract.
Screens from LOIO Add-in "Key Terms" section

Be in full control over contract structure with Table of Contents

Minimize risks

The larger your contracts are, the harder it is to navigate through them and truly know what is inside every clause or section.

With Table of Contents (ToC), you can enjoy more structure and control when looking through the document. ToC is composed of two sections: General and Clause Analysis.

Minimalistic screen of LOIO Add-In ToC
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Keep contract structure at hand with General

In the General, ToC scans the agreement and identifies key structural sections, making it easier to understand, overview, and edit contracts:

  • Title displays the title of your document;
  • Preamble specifies the type of your document, party details, and dates;
  • Recitals include assumptions or conditions that are required in the contract;
  • Clauses find the numbered paragraphs that define the rights and obligations of the parties;
  • Signatures highlight signatures and the related details on who signed the document and when;
  • Annexes are the documents and other materials that supplement your document.
ToC general screens
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Build better contracts with Clause Analysis. Coming soon!

The Clause Analysis section is being developed right now. This tool will provide more detailed clause management and insights, helping lawyers analyze agreements clause by clause and build better contracts.

Fix broken formatting in seconds with Styling

Minimize risks

Documents with messy styles are annoying. They look unprofessional and take too long to fix, especially if you are doing it manually in Word. That is where Loio's Styling can be a game-changer and save a lot of time and keep you focused on truly complex tasks.

Minimalistic screen of LOIO Add-In Styling section
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At last, styling in MS Word done properly

Styling identifies all formatting styles used across the text and allows users to edit them across the entire document with just a couple of clicks. Styling is extremely useful to give messy drafts a proper look or adjust documents according to your corporate standard.

Screens from LOIO Add-in styling section

Joshua D. Brinen case study

I have reviewed 10,000+ documents with Loio’s help and expect to save $150,000 in operational costs per year.

Joshua D. Brinen

Owner at Brinen & Associates, LLC

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